The Sink is an item secured from Skubbins' pocket dimension on May 19th, 2017. It was found in a room with "Safe Space" scrawled on the door. The Sink is normally inanimate, but extremely hostile. Volunteers have heard whispers through the door of the containment room.

Containment Edit

The Sink must be contained in a small 3x3 room at all times, any less space allows it to vibrate through walls, and any larger will cause The Sink to become sentient. No more than two people may enter The Sink's containment centre, otherwise it will enter a state of anger. If one person enters, the Sink will not be able to have both of its knobs properly turned, and will being to leak an unknown liquid that is still in investigation.

Effects Edit

The Sink must be properly turned on and off every day following a normal procedure, two people enter the containment room, two people turn the valves at the exact same time, The Sink will flow for up to 5 seconds, and then the two volunteers must turn The Sink off. Do not turn your back to The Sink. Proceed to walk backwards out of the room, shut the door, enter the passcode to enable Lock #1, and apply the five chains.


First known image of the Chernobyl accident.

Attempting to take photographs of The Sink or The Sink's containment room result in an extremely fuzzy photograph, similar to the effects on photos at the site of the Chernobyl accident.

Volunteers report that upon inspection of The Sink's containment facility, blood can be seen dripping out of the faucet, and sometimes on the floor of the containment room. The cause of this is unknown, and investigations are still ongoing.