The Pocket Dimension is a place accessed by Skubbins frequently. Volunteers have observed Skubbins collapsing space time, causing such strong gravitational pull that it destroys the object the portal is placed on, light can not escape from the portal, and it appears to simply be a curve in space and time upon physical inspection, due to its temperature making it impossible to observe.

The portal is able to be entered for a short period of time, until Skubbins leaves the dimension. When volunteers capitalized on this, and entered the dimension, they reported that their hazard suits immediately began decaying, describing the feeling as "Sharp, stinging pains, nausea, headaches, bloody vomit, and infections."

The Pocket Dimension initially appears to be only a small home, containing only a large living room with a singular blue couch, and a room labelled "SAFE SPACE", originally containing 'The Sink'. There is also a front door, but going through it simply leads you back into the pocket dimension. Volunteers were able to go through the door a record high of 35 tries, before their suits were almost entirely decayed, causing extreme symptoms of radiation sickness.

Volunteers are recommended to investigate the pocket dimension biweekly, to observe any changes or objects brought to this region.

Changes Edit

None to be reported as of 5/25/2017.