"We shall piss in a sea of piss."
—Piss Lad #1

The Piss Scoundrels are a dastardly duo of piss lovers. Consisting of Piss Lad 1, and Piss Lad 2. The two have been described as malevolent entities, seeking only harm to fuel their piss agenda. They have been labelled by the FBI as a terrorist organization.

Chernobyl 'Accident' Edit

The Chernobyl Accident was a nuclear accident, occurring on April 26, 1986. Common belief is that the power plant was going under a late-night safety test, which simulates a station blackout power-failure by deliberately turning off safety systems for the power reactor. The Piss Scoundrels were photographed at the scene shortly before its melt down. It is rumoured they were caught pissing into the core, flashing it into steam and generating a steam explosion, causing an open-air graphite fire.

The duo is responsible for 31 direct power plant deaths, and 15 estimated deaths from radiation exposure as of 2011.

Roblox Edit

Piss Lad 2 made an appearance in Roblox very briefly. Scientists believe they are trying to make contact with Ibugbug, but research is still underway.


Piss Lad 2's character.