This article references an ongoing investigation, please refrain from updating it until official information is released.

May 22nd 2017 Edit

On May 22nd 2017, at 11:25 PM. Roblox City Sherrif's Office got a call from a distressed anonymous caller about a body by the lake. Officer C. More (Badge Number #C6) was dispatched immediately, ariving at 11:33 PM. They found the body of Neondoge7 with a gunshot wound to the back of the head. A casing was found about 3 feet away from the body, being identified as a 9mm casing.

May 23rd 2017 Edit

At 12:03 AM, the official police report was filed, and it was ruled a homicide due to bullet trajectory and shell casing placement. The lake was closed off to investigate for more information, but sadly nothing was found relating to this case. Interestingly, Neondoge7 had no official references as being a Roblox citizen, nor having any legal guardians, but through word of mouth they discovered that Skubbins and Uniqua were his defacto parents. At 3:05 AM, Uniqua was contacted and informed of the murder, to which it said, "I am truly upset to hear about the loss of my beautiful boy, Neondoge7, and he will forever live on in our hearts." Skubbins refused to give a comment to the police.

May 24th 2017 Edit

Police began speaking with Neondoge7's neighbours, classmates, and teachers. His math teacher, Mr Hundley, stated "He wasn't a smart boy. Kind of gross. Would have slammed it, though." Police then brought in a neighbour who wanted to remain anonymous, they said: "I often hear a lot of yelling and screaming from the boys house, a lot of him crying. I think theres a domestic situation going on there." This information was enough to shift the investigation into pinning down suspects. Skubbins, and Mr Hundley.

May 25th 2017 Edit

Local police were quoted stating, "Man, we sure do wish this was Sonictheplayer22, not this poor boy." The case was mysteriously dropped after this.