Sonictheplayer22 is a professional coward, loser, and loner. He had a brief fling with Uniqua before betraying it's trust.

Personality Edit

Sonictheplayer22 is not only a bastard, but also a piece of shit. He is a liar, a coward, and a conniving scumbag. He gets his jollies off by getting innocent peoples hopes up before abandoning them shortly after.

History Edit

Sonictheplayer22 was raised in a den by multiple clones of The Cowardly Lion. They taught him how to ghost the other lions as to "not be committed to anything", and if he was ever seen talking to anybody more than once, got his ass kicked in front of all of the other lions.

Highschool Edit

Sonictheplayer22 made an intimate connection with Uniqua, grooming it and promising it great things, until the next day, Sonictheplayer22 was nowhere to be seen. Skubbins followed his trail, but he was just too quick for Skubbins fat little body, so he got away. Sonictheplayer still has not been seen.