Skubby Rubs took place on May 26, 2017 during what is referred to as "Roblox day #5."

Background Information Edit

It is common knowledge that Skubbins is a part of a holy trinity consisting of Blake, Skubbins #1, and Skubbins #2. Although all have been present on the world of Roblox on separate occasions, never before have they crossed paths, as it is suspected that if they come into direct contact with one another, the surrounding individuals will experience extreme vaginal itching and mesothelioma. On this rare event, Skubbinis #1 and Skubbins #2 were somehow able to cross paths during the night shift at Roblox Pizza Hut with limited consequences. Although not confirmed, this event allegedly had a beneficial turn-out as some sort of karma for Uniqua's earlier tribute to the Jews.