Skubbins is a main character, and allegedly, son of Uniqua. He is part of the Holy Trinity consisting of Skubbins #1, Skubbins #2, and Blake.

Personality Edit

Skubbins is an intimidating, force of nature. His ambiguity strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies, and his willingness to protect his father despite any transgressions between the two shows his immense levels of honour, and his respect for his father. He has developed thick skin over the years, not only due to his BMI of over 54, but due to dealing with hundreds of years of bullying.

When at a crossroads for moral decisions, Skubbins rage will begin to build up and bottle up, until he hits critical mass. His father, Uniqua, has previously compared it to "Six cyclones all hitting dowtown Miami at the same time". People do their best to attempt to calm him down, or they catch the hands of Skubbins.

History Edit

Although Uniqua claims to have given birth to Skubbins, historians are in agreement that Skubbins' original time and place of birth can not be tracked in this universe. Scientists say he was spawned in potentially thousands of years ago, and witnessed all that can be witnessed in time. Officially, Skubbins had a normal 'childhood' with his father Uniqua. Troubles arose Middle School, when there was a temporary disturbance in the magnetic fields surrounding Skubbins, causing his body to jut out in random directions, becoming a tetris block like object. Due to the mental anguish he experienced from his sudden transformation, he was held back in middle school ten separate times, before finally graduating to Highschool. During 2016's summer vacation, Skubbins was brought on board at Buzzfeed and eventually climbed his way up to being an article editor.

Highschool Edit

Skubbins enrolled in highschool sometime in early 2017. Although, his father, Uniqua, was afraid of him entering a highschool atmosphere alone, so Uniqua commit fraud, and joined the ranks of a highschool student along side him. Skubbins excels in no classes, and frequently gets bullied by random students for his interesting body shape and design. During the first semester, Skubbins impregnated Uniqua, giving birth to their joint child, Neondoge7. After creation, Neondoge7 quickly latched onto Skubbins as his favourite parent. Due to Skubbins' natural guardianship over his father, he took immediate action on the disrespect, and beat Neondoge7 frequently. On May 22nd 2017, Skubbins took Neondoge7 out to the lake, and shot him in the head.

Killed Victims Edit

  • Neondoge7

Trivia Edit

  • Skubbins owned 'The Sink' in his pocket dimension.
  • There is rumoured to be an alternate copy of Skubbins, and events such as Skubby Rubs may occur.