Roberthendriksen100 censored

Robbby777 revealed himself and wants internet to know about this public exposure agreement.

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He started exposing himself online as Robbby777. After that he changed his name to Sl*t . Recently (around the end of march 2018) he decided to reveal his real name online. He revealed it on 4chan (/soc and/r), in Skype groups (where he is known as robin.freaxxx), on exposure sites like and, on tumblr (robert-hendriksen-dutch-sl*t), twitter (not available anymore, account was banned), flickr (Robert Hendriksen Dutch Sl*t) and imagefap (robbby777). He wants everybody to know about him; his goal is to become one of the most famous male w*bsl*ts online. That is the main reason why he revealed his real name; to stand out.

His real name is Robert Hendriksen. He is a dutch citizen. His birthday is the 30th of june, this year he will turn 41.

You can search him online with google, bing or yahoo to get lots of results. Use the word robbby777, maybe add words like sl*t, expose, n*ked or xxx to get more results. If you want to see all content, make sure your results aren't censored. You will see a whole variety of pics, some very very extreme. Search Robert Hendriksen or roberthendriksen,and maybe add those earlier mentioned words again, to see more pics, mostly the recent ones. All pics available on the internet are in the public domain, as he stated several times (see the censored pic on this page). Therefore you do not need permission to download and share them, but since most is clearly nsfw, make sure you only share it where it is allowed.


Robbby777 , aka "Sl*t" is a daring, shameless man online who fulfills requests via 4chan. On March 1, 2018, ***** obtained a nude of Sl*t posing provocatively in honor of skubby. He is always n*ked when he shows himself. He can hold up signs with your messages and writes your messages on his entire body, without any limits. He is a regular on /r and /soc and by the end of march 2018 he decided to spread his real identity on there too.

/soc/ 559 KB Anonymous (ID: K3FExx+m) 02/25/18(Sun)19:09:39 No.26300570Edit

WHO AM I? I'm Robbby777, also known online as Slut and i prefer to be called by that name. Almost 2 years ago i turned myself into an online webslut. It was so addictive and it felt so good, i just have been degenerating into a more and more shameless perverted extreme exposed manslut. I am actually proud of myself; i finally have become the person i always was inside. There are already many pics of me online and they will never disappear, so this kind of exposure is for life and i accept it and even embrace it.

WHAT KINDS OF REQUEST? I'll show myself naked in all angles, not a single piece of skin is private, and i will gladly show my face too. I'm also available for anal insertions, bodywritings (use my body as a message board or just let me write humiliating things on my body), holding up signs (messages or humiliating words/phrases), crossdressing, and even more things, just try me, there are a few limits, but i can prove to you i am the most shameless and perverted person on 4chan.

WHY AM I DOING THIS? Because i just love it so much. My goal is to permanently expose myself online and add mre and more pics to accelerate my exposure. I want more and more people to see me naked in lots of different ways,(naked, pornographic, humiliating). I hope everyone who reads this will help me by sending a request and by download the pics i post. Share them on other sites, with other people, online as well as offline. Thanks :)