Robbby777 , aka "Sl*t" is a daring, sensual young boy online who fulfills requests via 4chan. On March 1, 2018, ***** obtained a nude of Sl*t posing provocatively in honor of skubby.

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WHO AM I? I'm Robbby777, also known online as Slut and i prefer to be called by that name. Almost 2 years ago i turned myself into an online webslut. It was so addictive and it felt so good, i just have been degenerating into a more and more shameless perverted extreme exposed manslut. I am actually proud of myself; i finally have become the person i always was inside. There are already many pics of me online and they will never disappear, so this kind of exposure is for life and i accept it and even embrace it.

WHAT KINDS OF REQUEST? I'll show myself naked in all angles, not a single piece of skin is private, and i will gladly show my face too. I'm also available for anal insertions, bodywritings (use my body as a message board or just let me write humiliating things on my body), holding up signs (messages or humiliating words/phrases), crossdressing, and even more things, just try me, there are a few limits, but i can prove to you i am the most shameless and perverted person on 4chan.

WHY AM I DOING THIS? Because i just love it so much. My goal is to permanently expose myself online and add mre and more pics to accelerate my exposure. I want more and more people to see me naked in lots of different ways,(naked, pornographic, humiliating). I hope everyone who reads this will help me by sending a request and by download the pics i post. Share them on other sites, with other people, online as well as offline. Thanks :)