Neondoge7 was the son of Uniqua and Skubbins

Personality Edit

Neondoge7 is a typical 13 year old boy. He makes lewd and offensive comments referring to genitals and bodily fluids and often dances in a suggestive way at the club. Do not be fooled, he does not even know what a Trap is. He suffers from a condition known as "man tiddies", and it often causes others to mistake him for a teenage girl. Although he pretends not to care, his emotional tendencies get in the way of his happiness, even going as far as to prevent him from adding Uniqua back.

History Edit

Neondoge7 was ambiguously spawned in from Uniquas womb, potentially inherting special powers from Skubbins. Growing up, Neondoge7 enjoyed spending time with Skubbins more often than Uniqua, and this would upset Uniqua.

Middleschool Edit

On May 22nd, 2017, Skubbins took Neondoge7 out for some father son bonding time, and was shot in the head by Skubbins.