The Can is a specimen discovered on May 26th, 2017. It was found in a normal Mountain Dew 12 can case, until an anonymous reporter reported that the can could not be opened, and minutes after contact with the can, felt sick.

Containment Edit

The Can must always be placed in a fridge, no lock is required. The Can must be checked on daily to ensure it has not tried to open itself, or attempted to escape the fridge. People who come near The Can are advised to wear hazmat suits, and to go through an intense cleaning process after coming into contact with it. It is advised not to touch the can.

Effects Edit

Effects of The Can are simple, if it radiates in your area or if you come into physical contact with The Can without proper cleaning, they will suffer infections on parts of their skin that came into contact. The best way to ensure no infection, is to keep the can refrigerated at all times. Infection may still occur, however.