Ibugbug is an uncertain entity that slumbers deep inside the Roblox Hotel Sea. Ibugbug has connections to Skubbins.

History Edit

Ibugbug was first seen washing up on the shores of Roblox Hotel around 4000BC. She slithered onto shore and demanded a tribute, and when the Roblox natives couldn't conjure one, she turned them all to stone. The ones that evaded her powerful spell were dragged into the ocean, and researchers have yet to discover any remains on the sea floor.


Image of Ibugbug colourized.

In 1917, Ibugbug resurfaced, but this time the locals wanted to fight back. They sharpened their swords, and grabbed their revolvers. That is all the information we have of this event, besides this one photo of Ibugbug and photos of her enjoying various meals.

In 2017, Ibugbug got her tribute, and was briefly seen with Skubbins in the waters, before lurking back into the sea.


Skubbins and Ibugbug in the water.