Blake's weave belongs to Blake.

Background Information Edit

Blake's weave is another object of mystery. It is unknown as to how and when it came into existence, all that is known is that it exists. Very few pictures of it exist, and it is rumored that it is only used to trick men online into sending him money.

Death Edit

On 6/20/17 came the fateful day that Blake's weave came to an end. Although no one can confirm why this took place, it can be assumed that his old age finally caught up to him and he cut his hair to disguise the male pattern baldness that comes with being 19, the age at which death begins to occur.

New weave

To the left you can see Blake's new doo. Although he can put it in a ponytail, he claims he is unable, but sent this photographic image to his father johnny boy as if it were supposed to prove anything (it doesn't).